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Shaun Gloslee Excavating Ltd. was established in 2008. SGE provides a wide range of services from landscaping and driveways to drilling, blasting and building logging roads, to commercial and Industrial projects of any size. We have the equipment and trained personnel to complete any project from start to finish.

Shaun grew up in Powell River and has run machines since he was 10 years old helping his dad. He worked for Gloslee Trucking Ltd on and off for 25 years in addition to working in the forest industry. In 2008 Shaun recognized an opportunity to start his own business, Shaun Gloslee Excavating Ltd. Today, SGE is a strong, healthy business which employs 15 full-time workers in addition to part-time employees. 


We are proud to be a SAFE certified company and offer a full Occupational Health and Safety program for our staff.

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